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remember to do sth 英[riˈmembə tu: du:] 美[rɪˈmɛmbɚ tu du] [词典] 记得要做某事; [造句]Joan: I will try to remember to do that for you. 琼:我会设法记得提醒你。 Remember to do this for all execution...

1、remember doing sth. 记得做过…事(已做过) remember to do sth.记住去做…事(还没做) 如:①I will remember to tell her about it. ②Don't you remember telling me the story yesterday?

remember to do something 记得要做某事,还没有做。 remember doing something记得做过某事,动作已经完成。

Please remember to eat lunch. I am sorry,I forget to my homework.I remember playing computer with my sister yesterday.I forget calling you.

remember to do sth remember to buy a new dress for me. 强调将要,离做还有一段时间 remember doing sth stop talking,remember giving this to the manager.强调进行中。做事的人正在完成这件事,但可能因为另一件事被耽误了一下。

remember to do sth 记住要做某事 否定式 remember not to do sth记住不要做某事 remember doing sth 记得做过某事 否定式 remember not doing sth 记得没有做过某事 例如: Jack,remember to wake me up at seven tomorrow morning.I must take...

remember to do sth与remember doing sth之间的区别如下: remember to do sth意为“记得要去做某事”,在“记得(remember)”时,该事情还没有做。例如: He remembered to do his homework. 他记得要做作业。(“记得”时,作业还没做) Do you rem...

remember to do 记得去做某事 (未做) remember doing记得做过某事 (已做) Remember to go to the post office after school. 记着放学后去趟邮局。 Don't you remember seeing the man before? 你不记得以前见过那个人吗?

I remember turning off the light.

1 remember to do sth记得去做某事,事情还没做 Remember to bring your homework to school. 记得把作业带到学校来。 2remember doing sth记得做过某事,事情做过,并记得 I remembered tuning off the lights when I left the room 我记得当我...

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