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I won’t do my homework by myself anymore. Today, I did my homework by myself.

以后我不会自己写作业了 I won't write my homework later. 今天 [词典] today; now; present; [电影] A Reason to Live; [例句]姶今天算起仅有三天。 It's only three days from today.

Thirdly,I can't play with my friends after school because I have to do my homework.

生硬的说法是 I can't speak english 其实你最好这样说 I am so sorry. I just understander a little bie English. Would you mind write it down? I can ask someone to translate for me. 全句的意思是, 我非常地抱歉,我只会一点点英语,如...

Can you swim? No I can't


I am so sorry that I cannot go to your home to do my homework because my parents will take me to a trip. 求采纳!

My homework will finish, and I am so happy!However,I need do housework with my mom,so I am sorry to don't play with my good friends

Don’t be worried.

I am terribly sorry, but I cannot attend the meeting for certain reasons. 求采纳

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